Welcome to the Troutner Family History page! Please click on the links above to search.

Our family history research has really become a career. It began as a hobby, but it is just too interesting to not make it a continued endeavor. As our tree has grown and so many surnames have been added, it keeps us constantly behind in our updates. We never stop searching.

We don't have very many pictures of markers for our Troutners, but as you are reading the genealogy, if I have stated that I have a picture of the marker, it is probably on the site. You may click on the cemetery link at the top or bottom of each page. The link will take you to the page where you will find the name of the cemetery. Click on that link to visit the cemetery. I have tried to make the cemetery pages easy to navigate.

I hope you find something here you can use in your research. Some of the information here has been shared by other researchers, and most is my own research. I am researching daily, and will add to the site everything I find. I do not put, on to the web site, information about the living, but I appreciate all information for my files.

From the generosity of Jeff Groves, we now have pages from a Niceley Family Bible. Thanks Jeff!!

Everything here is for you to take for your personal use. Do not take pictures and materials from this site and place them on another Web site, without permission from me or the contributor. Do not take anything from this site and put it on Ancestry.com or Find-a-Grave. Please do not take anything from this site and add it to a CD or any other format to sell. I did not do all the research alone. Others have been very generous in sharing their family history with us. My research was done with love, and I share it with the same feeling.

I would like to hear from you, if you have found our page useful. If you find errors in my data, have suggestions or can help in getting our Troutner family tree accurate, please EMAIL: janice@main-family.com