Troutner Family Album

Anna Margretha (Jake) & George Michael Troutner are the common ancestors from whom we descend. On this page you will find pictures of some of those descendants.

Thanks to those of you who have so generously shared with us your wonderful family pictures.  Because of your generosity, we now have the Troutner Family Album.

If you have anything you wish to share with us, please email.  I am very grateful for everything.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the success of this Web site!

You will find albums for other family members in the Album Index.  Also visit the Military  page to see our family who served in the military. We have pictures of people we have not been able to identify. Please visit the  Who Are They? page.  Maybe you will recognize someone. Please visit our  Scrapbook.  You will find articles there with news about some of our family.

If you know the name for whom you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.  The names are in alphabetical order by given name.

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Amelia Jane (McDowell) Troutner Andrew Jackson Troutner
Angeline Jane (Lusher) Troutner Arthur Burton Troutner
Clarence Edward Troutner [1] [2] Cora Grable [1] [2]
Elmer Ellsworth Troutner Gordon Ray & Joseph W. Morgan
Gordon Ray Morgan Henry Harrison Grable & family
Henry Harrison & Mary E. (Troutner) Grable Ina (Schnepf) & Fred Grable
Ina & Melvina Schnepf Ina Schnepf [1] [2]
Jennie June (Shaner) Troutner Jennie June (Shaner) Troutner & Children
Jessie, Trulla & Mary Troutner Josephine (Troutner) & William Grable
Joseph T. & Cora (Grable) Williams Lee O. & Nervia (Couch) Doyle Family
Leslie Boyd Troutner Lois Gail (Lang) Troutner
Louisa, Glenn & James W. Troutner Lucy (Troutner) Morgan
Madelyn Lucille (Hutchinson) Troutner Madelyn L. (Hutchinson) & Paul Calvin Troutner
Margaret (Troutner) Williams Mary Elizabeth (Troutner) Grable
Mary Jane Morgan Mathias Howard Troutner
Nancy (Main) Troutner Nona P. Grable
Nona Williams [1] [2] [3] [4] Norman Edward Troutner
Paul Calvin Troutner Robert Calvin Troutner
Robert Calvin Troutner & Brothers Robert Calvin & Jennie (Shaner) Troutner
Russell & Ina Schnepf Samuel Williams
Schnepf - Troutner Children William Fredrick Grable [1] [2]
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