April 22, 2020 ~ 11 Obituaries
Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Falls Cemetery, Camp Run Cemetery, Economy Cemetery, Grandview Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Grove Cemetery, Holy Redeemer Cemetery (aka St. Agatha's Cemetery), Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, Rocky Spring Cemetery, St. Mary's Cemetery, Sylvania Hills Memorial Park are a few cemeteries in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where we have family buried.

On this page you will find markers and obituaries for some of those buried in Beaver County Cemeteries that do not have a page dedicated to a particular cemetery. If we have both the marker and the obituary, the obituary will be linked from the marker picture. To find those buried in other cemeteries in Beaver County, click on the links below, or go to the Cemeteries Index page.

To see pictures of grave markers from other cemeteries in Beaver County & Lawrence County, Pennsylvania visit the individual pages for Clinton Cemetery, Lillyville Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, More Pennsylvania Cemeteries, North Sewickley Cemetery, Saint Mark's Lutheran Cemetery  and Slippery Rock Cemetery.

The names are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for which you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.
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Alison Stevens Alfred B. Sullivan III (obit) Allen Ferdinand Kaufman (obit)
Almira (McIlvaine) Nye Andrew Ross Nye Angeline P. (Capo) Main (obit)
Anna (Doherty) Veon (obit) Anna M. (Staley) Stevens Ann (Piersol) Nye
Anthony Vitril (obit) Arthur Joseph Koble Benjamin Ellis (obit)
Betty J. Rimbey (obit) Beverly Diane (Main) Verone (obit) Bidwell Kenneth Main Sr. (obit)
Brenda (Main) Magill (obit) Catherine (Innerhaufer) Shotsinger Braden (obit) Cecelia (Barris) Nye
Chancey Crawford (obit) Charles Daniel Rimbey (obit) Charles E. Gibbons (obit)
Charles F. Rimbey (obit) Charles H. McKeough (obit) Charles H. Weimer (obit)
Charles W. Baker (obit) Charles W. Ott (obit) Chauncey Kirk McGeorge (obit)
Clara Sybel (Nye) Brown (obit) Coligny Brainerd Metheny Daniel J. Nye (obit)
David Brainerd Metheny David Stillman Falen (obit) Donald K. Rimbey (obit)
Donald D. Statti (obit) Donna Mae Rimbey (obit) Dora Belle (Palm) Price Kettler (obit)
Dorothy (Weller) McClintick (obit) Dorothy Eleanor (Main) Zona (obit) Earl Willard Main
Edna Earle Main (obit) Edward Daugherty (obit) Edward Marshall Nye (obit)
Elijah Gad Nye Elizabeth Ann (Parks) Todd (obit) Elizabeth Jean (Gilkey) Main (obit)
Ellen Lenore (Hazen) Frisk (obit) Elvira (Harter) Ellis (obit) Esta (Boyd) Boren (obit)
Estella "Stella" (Kriner) Palm (obit) Estes Jackson Todd (obit) Eugene Thomas Young (obit)
Floyd Laverne Bernd (obit) Frances Elain (McKeough) Falen (obit) Francis Edward "Frank" Gilkey (obit)
Francis Eileen (Sobczak) Clyde (obit) Francis Marks Grier Frank Charles Koble (obit)
Frank Martin Gallaher (obit) Frederick & Jessie (Edwards) Ehrheart Frederick Bert Rimbey (obit)
Geneva I. (Marquis) Rimbey (obit) George Brian Price (obit) George Harry "Bill" Steckman (obit)
George I. Vogt (obit) George Oliver Pander (obit) George Patterson (obit)
George Robert Price (obit) Gladys (Keisling) Hardie (obit) Hannah Atwood Parks (obits) [1] [2] [3]
Harold Eugene Main (obit) Harold Howard Steffler (obit) Harold William Greig
Harry Adam Weingartner (obit) Harry Gilbert Wiley (obit) Helen Marie Alborn (obit)
Henry Christopher Kiesling (obit) Henry Eugene Keisling (obit) Homer Dale Murphy (obit)
Homer Ellsworth Brown (obit) Howard Bradford Wright (obit) Howard C. McConaughy
Ira William Alborn (obit) Irene June (Shoaf) Gahagan (obit) Irene Pearl (Kiesling) Cogley (obit)
Jack C. McClintick (obit) Jacob C. Nye James Henry Nye (obit)
James Levi Cogley (obit) James McKeough (obit) James Patrick Gibbons (obit)
James Shannon (obit) Janet Ethel (Hazen) Steckman (obit) Janyce (Van Gorder) Nelle
Jean Caroline (Rosenburger) Nye (obit) Jeffrey A. Keisling (obit) Jennie (Mucciola) Capo (obit)
Jessie Geraldine (Kiesling) Johnston (obit) Jessie Rebecca (Deemer) Kiesling (obit) John Calvin Parks (obit)
John Clifford Johnston (obit) John D. Pashuta (obit) John E. Clyde (obit)
John L. Kirkham (obit) John Patsy Zona (obit) John Paul Mackey (obit)
John S. Nye John Wesley Stratton (obit) Joseph Calvin Wright (obit)
Joseph Elmer Ferguson (obit) Julia Cecelia (Doherty) Vogt (obit) Karen Lee Main (obit)
Katherine "Katie" (McClurg) Ott (obit) Kathryn (Tomasson) Metheny Kurtz E. Murphy (obit)
Leroy Palm (obit) Lewis Allen Rimbey Sr. (obit) Lilly (Dale) Varrati (obit)
Lloyd E. Kettler (obit) Lois Eleanor (Alexander) McChesney (obit) Lorren L. Main (obit)
Louise (Campbell) Rimbey (obit) Margaret Ann (Vogt) Nye (obit) Margaret J. (Stratton) Main (obit)
Margaret Mae (Frederick) Rimbey (obit) Margaret Rose (Main) Crawford (obit) Margaret V. (Hamrack) Mackey (obit)
Marie (Hladney) Keisling (obit) Marie (McDevitt) Gibbons (obit) Margie Evelyn (Wiley) Beglin (obit)
Mary Elizabeth (Malone) Gilkey (obit) Mary Jane (Kelly) Newman (obit) Mary (Morgan) Koach (obit)
Maxamelia Nye Maxamelia Mace Maximelien Kaster Nye (obit)
Michael B. Nye Michael Nye Mildred Doris (Main) Rhodes (obit)
Mildred Elizabeth (Nye) Bernd (obit) Milton Gene Cody (obit) Mollie (Price) Ferguson (obit)
Mont Harrison Veon (obit) Nicholas Deemer Main (obit) Nicholas Vincent Varrati Jr. (obit)
Nora Lee (Shotsinger) Rimbey (obit) Nye Cluster (Providence) Olive Bernice (Rugh) Mitchell (obit)
Opal Grace (Rough) & George Shaner Paul Brady Ferguson (obit) Paul William Rhodes (obit)
Ralph Edgar & Ruth (Craven) Main Ralph T. Mitchell (obit) Ralph Vincent Annarumo (obit)
Rebecca L. (Clyde) Main (obit) Richard B. "Barney" Gibbons (obit) Robert C. Rimbey (obit)
Robert James Davis (obit) Rosa Lucia (Garda) Tomasson (obit) Rose M. (Caminiti) Cody (obit)
Ruth E. (Crawford) Gibbons (obit) Ruth E. (Shannon) Nye (obit) Ruth M. (Musselman) Vogler (obit)
Ruth Naomi (Lutz) Patterson (obit) Ruth Nye Ruth (Wilcox) Price (obit)
Sadie (Pastin) Vitril (obit) Sally Lee (Main) Hull (obit) Sampson Piersol
Sarah Ellen (Grove) Main (obit) Sarah (Zimmer) Pashuta (obit) Savilla (Aley) Shannon (obit)
Stella (Baney) Bingle Statti (obit) Steven J. Nye (obit) Susannah Marie (Main) Grier
Theodora (Downie) Koble (obit) Theodore Dale White (obit) Thomas Harvey Brown (obit)
Victoria (Kirkham) Koble (obit) Vincent Sosnoski (obit) Wilda June (McCowin) Main (obit)
William David Chapman (obit) William E. Main (obit) Wilma Eulaine (Brown) See (obit)

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