Armstrong County, Butler County, & Allegheny County are just a few counties in Pennsylvania where some of our family are buried. On this page, you will find markers and/or obituaries of family members in those counties and others. This is not a complete listing of any of these cemeteries.

To find family buried in Lawrence and Beaver Counties, please visit the individual pages for those counties, or visit the  Cemeteries Index  page to find where others in our family are buried.

If I have an obituary and a picture of the marker, the obituary will be linked from the picture of the marker.  You will see, I have many more obituaries than markers.  If you have marker pictures you would like to share, please send them.

The names are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for which you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.

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Adda Mae (Moyer) Eiler (obit) Andrew A. "Drew" Nye (obit) Annie M. (Pfeiffer) Barchfeld (obit)
August J. Barchfeld (obit) Clarke F. Hess Sr. Dale E. Currie (obit)
David F. Gilmore (obit) David W. McKinney (obit) Dorothy (Rough) Koscho (obit)
Elizabeth (Matheny) Hornickel (obit) Emma (Crissinger) Horner (obit) Emma (Main) Druschel (obit)
Emmett T. & Alice (Kerr) Maine Frank Horner (obit) George A. Cather (obit)
George Mitchell (obit) Gertrude (Stacey) Wallace (obit) Gloria (Justine) Nye (obit)
Harriet E. (Nye) Waterfield (obit) Harriet (Ward) Wimer (obit) Henry Mack Wiley (obit)
James Edward Wiltrout (obit) John Samuel McMurdy (obit) Josephine (Nye) Hess
Joseph R. McFerron (obit) Juniata (Main) Smith (obit) Kenneth Lee McMurdy Sr. (obit)
Lenora J. (Richardson) Booher (obit) Leora Ida (Knight) McMurdy (obit) Lola Doreen (Hause) Main (obit)
Mabel Eva Nye (obit) Margaret (Fitzpatrick) Daugherty (obit) Mary Ellen Doyle (obit)
Mary Inez & Delilah Mae Rough Miles G. Reefer (obit) Thomas Crespo (obit)
Thomas Nye III (obit) Vada (Miller) Reefer (obit) Virginia B. (Rice) Grossman (obit)
William Clair McMurdy (obit) William Elmer Wallace (obit) William Floyd Grossman (obit)
William H. Mort (obit) William J. & Laura B. (Eiler) Rough Cemeteries Index


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