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Our history on the Lord family is very small. From time to time, I do research and am able to add to the file, what I learn. The research is going very slowly, but I hope to have more updates soon.

I have not yet linked all the names from this file to the grave markers, but when you see that I have a picture of a marker or an obituary, you can go to the cemetery index page by clicking the Cemetery Index link at the top or bottom of any page. There you will find the name of the cemetery for which you are looking. That link will take you to the page you need.

Everything here is for you to take for your personal use. Please do not add it to a CD or any other format to sell. Do not take pictures and materials from this site and place them on another Web site, without permission from me or the contributor. Do not take anything from this site and put it on Ancestry.com or Find-a-Grave.

If you find errors in my data, have suggestions or can help in getting our Lord family tree accurate, please email.