Back Row ~ L to R:
Alma O. (McCormick) Main, Mudd Marble Main & Max Melvin Main.
Front Row ~ L to R:
Cheryl Ann Main, Susan Kay Main & Mary Josephine (Boles) Main

Alma was born 19 April 1899, and died August 1984.
Wife of Mudd Marble Main.

Mudd was born 18 September 1895, and died 25 November 1960.
He is the son of Sarah Elizabeth (Hack) & Andrew Parker Main.

Max was born 3 October 1920, and died 21 November 1970.
Son of Alma (McCormick) & Mudd Marble Main.

Susan was born 8 September 1952, and died 21 June 2007.
Daughter of Mary Josephine (Boles) & Max Melvin Main.

Mary died in 1990.
Wife of Max Melvin Main.

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