Charles Henry and Mary L. (Davis) Main and children
Date: Circa 1890

Males L to R: Charles Henry, James Andrew Augustus, Charles Franklin
Females L to R: Estella, Myrtle, Mary, Pearl

Charles Henry Main was born 1853, & died 1936 (was blind from having trachoma).
He was the son of Rachel (Troutner) and Melvin Philip Main.

Mary L. (Davis) Main was born 1855, & died 1948.
She is the daughter of Mary Ellen (Lord) and Zachariah Davis.

Charles Franklin Main was born 1875, & died 1962.
James Andrew Augustus Main was born 1879, & died 1971.
Myrtle C. Main was born 1882, & died 1951.
Pearl T. Main was born 1884, & died 1933.
Estella E. Main was born 1887, & died 1954.

This is a probable identification of this family. Several of us who descend from Charles Henry Main
have studied this picture at length and compared it to pictures that we have of Charles Franklin and Mary.
We also have pictures of children of James, which we feel are more proof, because of the similarity
in features. We are trying to find other pictures to further our conviction that we are correct in the identification.

If you can help prove or disprove what we feel, please email.

This photo was sent to us by Sheryl Lopez.    More  Family Pictures.