Several of our ancestors were born, died and are buried in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Other states where we find our loved ones lived, died and may be buried are Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Texas and Washington.

On this page you will find markers and obituaries for those buried in various Ohio cemeteries. The cemeteries are Belmont, Damascus, Four Mile Run, Hubbard Union, Lake Park, Lowellville, Newton Falls West Cemetery, North Cemetery, Petersburg & St. John's. If we have a picture of the marker and the obituary, the obituary will be linked from the picture of the marker.

To see obituaries and markers for those buried in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and other states, please visit the Cemetery Index page.

The names are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for which you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.
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Almina Elizabeth (Pitts) Main Alvin R. Wilkeson (obit) Amy May (Morris) Nye (obit)
Anna (Stoner) Hughes Rodda (obit) Aura Orilla (McMahan) Main (obit) Barbara (Freed) Taylor (obit)
Bernice May (Smith) Olson (obit) Bertha Annetta (Hazen) Brown (obit) Clayton Henry Welsh (obit)
Clemence A. Royer (obit) Clyde D. Morris (obit) Clyde Wesley Stoner (obit)
Dewey W. Olson (obit) Dora M. (Wilson) Main Jackson (obit) Earl J. Wilkeson (obit)
Elaine Grace (Warso) Haines (obit) Elizabeth Eleanor (Flower) Freed (obit) Elizabeth (Lester) Davis (obit)
Eliza Jane (Main) Stoner (obit) Eliza Pearl (Main) Lewis Tilatti (obit) Elmer E. Cracraft (obit)
Elsie (Carr) Crosby (obit) Elsie June (Patterson) Koehnle (obit) Elzena (Whitmer) Hazen (obit)
Erma (Wilkeson) Metzler Weinstein (obit) Ernest H. Rodda (obit) Esther Ella (Rock) Cracraft (obit)
Eugene H. Main (obit) Ezra H. Main (obit) Florence M. "Flossie" (Hazen) Welsh (obit)
Frank M. Wilson (obit) Freda L. (Wilkeson) Gaffney (obit) George W. Flower (obit)
Gilbert James Stoner (obit) Harold Sidney Main Harold T. Olson (obit)
Herbert Leroy Main Ida Blanche (Stoner) Olson Wilkeson (obit) Ida May (Kaufman) Royer (obit)
Isa Bell (Sprott) Ackman (obit) James Clinton Freed (obit) James E. Morris (obit)
John A. Brown (obit) John D. Gaffney (obit) John D. Prutz (obit)
John Henry Flower (obit) Joseph Attwell Justus Main (obit) John Joseph Parella (obit)
Joseph M. Lewis (obit) Julia B. (Hayek) Wilkeson (obit) Lamont S. Urich (obit)
Laura (Mentzer) Smith La Violetta (Cramer) Olson (obit) Lawrence C. Ackman (obit)
Lawrence C. Foster (obit) Lawrence William Ackman (obit) Leroy Calvin & Vida (Cracraft) Main
Lucile (Johnson) Main Lydia Alice (Watley) (obit) Margery Louise (Welsh) Royer (obit)
Martha (Bookwalter) Stoner (obit) Mary (Cameron) Foster (obit) Mary Frances (Flower) Thompson (obit)
Mary (Kata) Prutz (obit) Mildred (Crosby) Welsh (obit) Myrtle L. (Horner) Flower (obit)
Nancy May (Urich) Simmons (obit) Nancy (Temple) Bookwalter (obit) Nancy (Urmson) Thompson (obit)
Nellie Smeltz (obit) Nettie (Ward) Flower (obit) Olive Louise (Main) Green Nagle (obit)
Opie E. Taylor (obit) [1] [2] Pauline Anna (Valasek) Dosch (obit) Paul John Main (obit)
Ray McKelvey Dosch (obit) Raymond C. Wilkeson (obit) Reland (Reefer) Urich (obit)
Rheuben Grant Brown (obit) Robert Hazen Welsh (obit) Robert James McKim Jr. (obit)
Rosa Ann (Klingeman) Urich (obit) Rosanna (Ackerman) Welsh (obit) Russell Henry Davis (obit)
Sarah Ann Green (obit) Samuel W. & Mary Main Sheryl Denise "Dennie" Dosch (obit)
Virginia (Lewis) Parella (obit) Walter G. Olson (obit) William C. Smeltz (obit)
William Leroy Thompson (obit) William Roy Stoner (obit) William Schmidt Crosby (obit)
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