Philip Main built the cabin in the late 1700s. The logs he used to build it were 32 feet long and 16 inches square. It was still a home in 1913, but later was used as a barn.

Thanks to our wonderful cousins who still live in the area we have pictures and some history on Philip's cabin. Margaret Koch shared her pictures with us. The following was told us by Shirley Piper, and I quote:

"The building was torn down in the summer of 2000. We took pictures from start to end; we have a small album on it. I hated to see it go, I wanted my brother to restore it, but he felt it would cost too much. He still has the old logs, we numbered them as we took them down. He wanted to build something similiar on the top of the property, but I don't think that will ever happen.

As we moved those big logs, we thought how long it must have taken them to build the cabin. We really cannot imagine, because everything was done by hand. We had to have a tractor and hi-lift to take the logs down. How on earth did they get them up?

It sure was sad to see it go. We found a small piece of newspaper on the wall that dated to 1890 I believe. It was on the wall on the second floor. I think my brother still has the newspaper piece but not sure. We were hoping to find more things but that was all.

We know the fireplace was in the middle because the huge rock was there. I am not sure we were able to remove it. My brother may have just covered over it."


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