October 14, 2018 ~ Searching for Descendants of Henry & Eliza Booher

I have in my possession a wonderful accounting of the lives of Henry and Eliza (Brentlinger) Booher. This is a hardback book published in 1969 by Home News Press in Hialeah, Florida. It is titled "The Henry and Eliza Booher Family or Six Kids on a Farm". The book is in very good condition, with minimal stains on the bottom edges of the book. There are drawings, throughout the book, depicting the events being shared. The book contains high quality photographs of many of the family members and of the home place. You will find just a few of the pictures on this page.

The book was given to me, in hopes that the Booher family in our history, may be related to this Booher family. I have tried, but failed to get a response from one of the members of our Booher family. In my research, I cannot find a connection from the Henry Booher family to our family.

I am hoping that by making this page, a descendant of Henry and Eliza will find our Web site and will be interested in having the book. The book is not for sale. It will be a gift to a Booher family member. I have promised the book will be a "Pay It Forward" transaction.

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Henry & Eliza Booher

Booher Reunion ~ 1942

Booher Home

Brentlinger Children

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