Helen is the only child of Charles Alvin and Ethel Marin (Manning) Main who did not outlive her parents. She was a wonderful person, and all who had the privilege of knowing her were truly blessed. This poem written by Shirley Bridges along with her comments were printed in the Sand Springs Times April 1972. The following account is exactly as it appeared in the article.

Shirley Bridges, LPN at Oak Dale Manor tells of a friend and patient at Oak Dale, Mrs. Helen McDaniel, that "She was so young - just forty-two and she was living a busy and worthwhile life. She was the pianist at Fisher Pentecostal Holiness Church and was a Sunday School teacher at this church which I also attend". At her funeral one of the ministers said, "She blessed the life of everyone she met, she was a wonderful person". Shirley calls this poem:

"Room 19, Bed A"
We have a new patient she's terminal they say
She's in Room 19 - she occupies Bed A
She's not very old - looks sort of young
But she has a daughter, and even four sons.
The look on her face is familiar to me
I'm not surprised. Why should I be?
She's my dear friend. And now my patient too
This responsibility - we must see through
By that look on her face I know pain's severe
And with the pain, I know there is fear
(For we've just lost a patient he was "terminal" too)
We wait again and give support, what else can we do?
That one in Heaven wears a crown and robe of white
I know too, will be there and will shine in Glory bright
No tears will trickle down your face. No groans will come from pain
All these will be washed away - No memory of them will remain.
No bruises on your little arms; no coldness on your hands and feet
The smile you'll wear upon your face will shine with radiance sweet
Your course is almost over the race you've almost run
You've kept the faith; you'll hear him say 'Enter in My child, well done'
Memories of you, precious friend and patient will never fade away
You're the "new lady - the 'terminal' one in Room 19 Bed A

Shirley tells: "When I was attending school at Northeastern at Miami from which I graduated last August after a year's course in Practical Nursing, this friend and fellow Churchwoman used to urge me to continue my training when I wanted almost to quit. She helped and encouraged me. It was my sad privilege then to be her nurse at Oak Dale - one of her nurses. And in sadness I was comforted to know she was ready for heaven."

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