Date: August 13, 1953 ~ The family of Ruth Flower (Stafford) & Roscoe Conkling Main
Standing Left to Right:   Virginia June (Kelley) Main, Alvin Nye Main, Barbara Ruth Main (on stool), Andrew Kelley Main, Rufus William Main holding either Kevin or Theodore, Mary Lou (Murphy) Main, ,
Robert Andrew "Bob" Main, Sarah Flower "Sally" (Main) Johnson, Carl Emil Johnson, Estelee (Ashley) Main, Peter Swineford Main, Davney (Olson) Main & Nathaniel Foote "Nat" Main holding Derrick Main.
Seated Left to Right:  Roscoe, Ruth with David, Edward Stafford (Ruth's father) & Edward Stafford "Ned" Main.
On the ground Left to Right:   Karen, Carl D., Chris, Carol.

Roscoe was born 23 February 1882 and died 26 November 1959.  He is the son of Lydia Sarah (Foote) & Alvin Nye Main.
Ruth was born 6 February 1890 and died 5 March 1974.  She is the daughter of Nellie (Flower) & Edward Orr Stafford.
Alvin was born 8 April 1919 and died 20 June 1974.
Bob was born 23 September 1923 and died 23 December 2002.
Rufus was born 30 May 1925 and died 28 April 1997.
Nathaniel was born 2 July 1920 and died 13 August 1975.
Peter was born 27 June 1922 and died 24 March 1998.
Edward was born 8 April 1918 and died 10 November 1992.

This picture was shared by Carl Main.    See more of  R. C. Main's family album