Roscoe Conkling Main holding Alvin Nye Main &
Ruth Flower (Stafford) Main holding Edward Stafford Main
Date: 1918 ~ Thanksgiving in Marquette, Michigan.

Roscoe was born 23 February 1882 and died 26 November 1959.
He is the son of Lydia Sarah (Foote) & Alvin Nye Main.
Ruth was born 6 February 1890 and died 5 March 1974.
She is the daughter of Nellie (Flower) & Edward Orr Stafford.
Alvin was born 8 April 1918 and died 20 June 1974.
Edward was born 8 April 1918 and died 10 November 1992.

Roscoe was a Captain in the Medical Reserve Corps in the United States Army.

This photo was shared by Derrick Main.

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