Painting of Honey Creek Home
According to the date on the picture, Josiah Main was only 6 years old when he did the painting of
Lydia Sarah (Foote) and Alvin Nye Main's Honey Creek home.

In his book written in 1926 Rufus Henry Main gives the following account of their Honey Creek home:
"Our home was a two-story log house made of hewn logs, with a lean-to kitchen on the west, set on stilts, and made of oak boards set up and down like a barn, with wide cracks and was too open to use in the winter for it was often full of snow. The roof was made of clap-boards and the floor was hard planks. There was a window in the south and one in the east and a door in the east. There was a fireplace on the north in which we could build a fine roaring fire. The upstairs had no ceiling but had a small window in the gable in the south. There was a cellar outside, dug in the side of the hill."

In his book, Roscoe Conkling Main writes:
"After Melvin Philip Main died in 1870, Rachel along with her children came back to live on Alvin Main's Honey Creek farm in the house which Alvin's family had vacated, a square log structure with attic and a frame addition, three rooms in all."

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