Lawrence County Pennsylvania Cemeteries

March 28, 2022 ~ 19 Obituaries
Camp Run Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery, Castle View Cemetery, Graceland Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Harmony Baptist Cemetery, Neshannock Cemetery, Oak Park Cemetery, Savannah Cemetery, St. Joseph Cemetery, Wurtemburg Cemetery, are just a few cemeteries in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania where some of our family are buried. This is not a complete listing of any of these cemeteries. On this page you will find pictures of markers and obituaries for some of our Main, Nye, Wiley and other surnames found in our family history.

I have made individual pages for some cemeteries where so many family members are buried, I felt they needed a page of their own. Be sure to visit the  Cemeteries Index page to find cemeteries in Lawrence County not found on this page.

If I have an obituary and a picture of the marker, the obituary will be linked from the picture of the marker.  You will see, I have many more obituaries than markers.  If you have marker pictures you would like to share, please send them.

The names are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for which you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.

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Adda (Twentier) Young (obit) Albert James Miller (obit) Alfred Hugh Pitts (obit)
Alfred Vincent Papa (obit) Alvi G. Booher (obit) Andrew Alvi Wimer (obit)
Anna (Gittings) Hill (obit) Arthur A. Doutt (obit) Audrey Ruth (McDanel) Ruby Caimano (obit)
Bernice (Myers) Reno (obit) Bertha (Wallace) Alexander (obit) Betty Jane (Holler) Cody (obit)
Bird Ann (Pizor) Swisher (obit) Carol A. (Fee) Shaffer (obit) Carolyn (Murphy) Mortimer (obit)
Catherine (Taylor) Doutt (obit) Celia Ann (Owrey) Twentier (obit) Charles Arthur Hennon (obit)
Charles Ervin Mathes (obit) Charles McIltrot (obit) Charles Robert McFarland (obit)
Charlotte (Smith) Hemsky (obit) Chester Leroy Deemer Jr. Christina "Tina" (Shaffer) Wimer (obit)
Clair Allen Wiley Sr. Clarence Arnold Weatherby (obit) Clarence W. Fury (obit)
Cora (Fisher) Carothers (obit) David Gibson (obit) Donald A. Schenker (obit)
Doris (Fisher) McConahy (obit) Dorothy (Morgan) Price (obit) Earl Clifford McDanel (obit)
Earle Wayne Williams (obit) Earle Wayne Williams Sr. (obit) Earl McHattie (obit)
Earl W. Shoaf (obit) Edna (Goslee) McHattie (obit) Edna (White) Fisher (obit)
Edrie Jessie (Wiley) Turcie (obit) Edward Daniel Fee (obit) Edward Herbert Smith (obit)
Elijah James Davis (obit) Elizabeth (Davis) Nye Miller (obit) Elizabeth Margaret (Krueger) Fee (obit)
Elizabeth (McMillin) Reed(obit) Elizabeth (Newton) Smiley Griffith (obit) Elizabeth (Raney) Kirk (obit)
Eliza Jane (Price) Cody (obit) Ellen (Robinson) McKibben (obit) Elmer Edward Stelter (obit)
Elmer E. "Tim" McMichael (obit) Elta Crumm (Nye) Good (obit) Ely Price Frye (obit)
Emily (Barber) McCaslin (obit) Emma (Bussinger) Bay Moncrief (obit) Essie Mae (Kelly) Stelter (obit)
Esther A. (McKibben) Morrow (obit) Esther L. (Kirker) McKinney (obit) Etta (Rodgers) Rutter Timmons (obit)
Eva L. (Main) Booher (obit) Florence L. (Cook) Wiley Floyd H. Swisher (obit)
Francis Clair Cummins (obit) Francis T. Wyrie (obit) Frank A. Teets (obit)
Frank M. Hall (obit) Frank W. Hill (obit) George A. Morrow (obit)
George & Margaret (McCracken) Nimmo George McCoy Johnston (obit) Gerald Fisher "Jerry" Carothers (obit)
Gladys L. (Bristol) Hammond (obit) Glenna Mae (McCracken) McDanel (obit) Grace Hilda (Jones) Keul (obit)
Grover Frederick Bookamer (obit) Guy H. Wimer (obit) Harry Loy Twentier (obit)
Hazel Ellen (Mitchell) Nye (obit) Helen Elizabeth (Nye) Hall (obit) Henry Miller Good (obit)
Herbert M. Bookamer (obit) Herman Reinholt Kumrow (obit) Hiram W. Nye (Dr.) (obit)
Howard C. Main (obit) Howard Manning Kirk Sr. (obit) Ida A. (Nye) Price Knight Eicholtz (obit)
Ira A. Main (obit) Isabelle (Grannis) Dout (obit) Iva M. (Henry) Brown (obit)
Jack Arthur Maine (obit) James R. Teets (obit) Jamina (Bay) McMillin (obit)
Jane Teets (obit) Jean Elizabeth Swisher (obit) Jeanette E. "Nettie" (Sarver) Main (obit)
Jerry F. Fisher (obit) John Clarence McFate (obit) John C. Reed (obit)
John Herbert Fobes (obit) John Marshall (obit) John Sampson Swisher (obit)
John Stilly Rugh (obit) John Withrow Nye (obit) Joseph B. Dout (obit)
Joseph E. Streit Sr. (obit) Joseph William Swogger (obit) Katherine (Frishkorn) Booher (obit)
Kathryn E. (Wiley) Galvin (obit) Kathryn (Herbert) Fombelle (obit) Kenneth D. Mulhollen (obit)
Kenneth Wesley Shaffer Sr. (obit) Larry C. & Grace (Matheny) Coblentz Lawrence Evart Twentier (obit)
Leslie Alexander Weyant (obit) Lester Ray Kennedy (obit) Levadia (Boots) Shoaf Frye (obit)
Louise (Trimble) Wyrie (obit) Luther M. Reed (obit) Lynn Pitts Davis (obit)
Mabel Eva Nye (obit) Mabel Zirelda (Deemer) Smith (obit) Maggie Anne (Main) Weyant (obit)
Margaret A. (McFarland) Twentier (obit) Margaret Jane (Cole) Marshall (obit) Marshall Grove Matheny (obit)
Mary Ann (Owery) Nye (obit) Mary Ellen (Lutz) Smith (obit) Mary Eva (Crum) Nye (obit)
Mary (Iatonna) Pandolfi (obit) Mary Maxine (Main) Teets (obit) Mary Melinda Wiley
Mary Olive (Gilmore) Pitts (obit) Mary Rebecca (Stoner) Wimer (obit) Mattie (Rigby) Mitchell (obit)
Maurice E. "Morris" Price (obit) Melvin Ray McDanel Sr. (obit) Merritt "Jiggs" Hammond (obit)
Mildred (Baxter) Kumrow (obit) Mildred (Scheidemantle) Reed Price (obit) Minta May (Stoner) Gilmore (obit)
Montell George Roberts (obit) Myrtle Lillian (Main) Williams (obit) Nancy A. (Twentier) Shingledecker (obit)
Nancy (Frew) McFarland (obit) Nancy Rebecca (Clyde) Rugh (obit) Nellie E. (Hooton) McMichael (obit)
Nellie Mae (Tritt) Weatherby Engler (obit) Nettie Cora (Grove) Matheny (obit) Nora Olive (Main) Gilmore (obit)
Oliver Earl Wiltrout (obit) Patricia (Schenker) Williams (obit) Paul Engler (obit)
Paul H. Fombelle (obit) Paul W. Fombelle (obit) Phyllis Jane (Main) McIltrot (obit)
Ray Harley Wiley Raymond Lewis Nye (obit) Richard Henry 'Rick' McFate (obit)
Robert Edwin Young (obit) Robert N. H. Price (obit) Roseanna (Keul) Wiley (obit)
Roy E. Alexander (obit) Ruth E. (McCaslin) Teets (obit) Ruth (Hennon) McConahy (obit)
Samuel Garvin Ligo (obit) Samuel Luther McConahy (obit) Saphronia (Ehrheart) & Stephen Wiltrout
Sarah (Michael) Weatherby Seamons (obit) Sara (Teets) Ellis (obit) Sharon (Boyle) Davis (obit)
Sherman Marshall Matheny (obit) Thomas C. Lytle (obit) Thomas Winfred Cody Jr. (obit)
Thomas Winfred Cody Sr. (obit) Tim John Murphy (obit) Timothy James Davis (obit)
Violet (Johnson) Price (obit) Walter J. Smith (obit) William Edwin Twentier (obit)
William H. Cooper (obit) William Henry Rugh (obit) William Joseph Rutter (obit)
William Montgomery Weatherby (obit) William P. Space (obit) William Simon Fisher (obit)
Willis & Jessie (Best) Coblentz Willis George Main (obit) Wilmer Robert Young (obit)


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