L to R: Sam Orum, Dulcie Norma (Disher) Pendleton, John Richard Pendleton (child - almost hidden),
John Edgar Pendleton, Beatrice Mamie (Patton) Orum & Patricia Kay Orum

Date: 1949

Sam was born 2 March 1925, and died 1 October 1980..
He is the son of Willie bell (Bingham) & Paul Orum.
Dulcie was born 10 january 1915, and died 1 October 2004.
She is the wife of John Edgar Pendleton.
John Edgar was born 1 April 1915, and died 16 August 1999.
He is the son of Willie Bell (Bingham) & Ben Pendleton.
Beatrice was born 9 February 1924, and died 13 August 2003.
She is the wife of Carol Lee Orum.

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