Standing ~ L to R: Della Mary Orum & Gertrude (Orum) Smith.
Seated ~ L to R: Emily Elizabeth "Emma" (Turner) Orum, holding Bonnie Lou Smith & J. P. Orum., Verdie Orum & Betty Elizabeth (South) Orum holding Ovella Orum.

Betty was born 5 December 1887, and died 30 June 1930.
She is the daughter of Luticia C. & Isaac S. South.

Ovella was born circa 1913, and died unknown.
Verdie was born 9 March 1909, and died 23 June 1982.
They are the children of Betty Elizabeth (South) & George wesley Orum.

Della was born 10 April 1899; died: 18 December 1981.
Gertrude was born 20 August 1897, and died 30 July 1979.
They are the daughters of Grace (Denley) & Samuel "Sam" Orum.

Emma was born 23 December 1891, and died 20 January 1917.
She is the daughter of Sallie & William J. Turner.

Bonnie was born 14 November 1912, and died 28 November 1987.
She is the daughter of Gertrude (Orum) & Thomas Monroe "Tom" Smith.

J. P. was born 27 May 1913, and died 20 December 1979.
He is the son of Emily Elizabeth "Emma" (Turner) & Paul Orum.

Pat Estes shared this wonderful picture with us, in hopes that we could confirm the identities of those in the picture.
She knows that the lady identified as Betty (South) & her two children, Verdie and Ovella are correct.
The identity of the others is not a definite. If you can help, please email!

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