L to R: Elizabeth Janie (McKinley) Johnston, Mabel Pritchard, Ida Johnston, Halcyon Marie (Conkright)Manning, Wilma Manning on the shoulder of Henry Green Manning , "unknown" & in front, Frances Irene Manning.
Elizabeth was born: 1834; died: after 6 January 1920.
She is the wife of William Kindred Johnston.
Ida was born 9 May 1878; died: 9 October 1972.
She is the wife of Anderson Adelmer "Delmer" Johnston.
"Green" was born: 11 July 1899, and died: 11 June 1981.
He is the son of Nancy Katherine "Nannie" (Johnston) & Thomas Henry Manning.
Halcyon was born: 13 May 1904, and died: 27 March 1986.
She is the daughter of Lillie F. (Adams) & Isaac Milton Conkright.

This picture was shared by Frances Manning.
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