Date: Circa Summer 1915 ~ Family of Elizabeth (Wock) & Michael Gulliver "Gull" Main
Back Row left to right:   Emmet Theodore Main, Charles Allen Main, Dorothy Viola (Flinner) Main, George Raney Main holding daughter, Thelma Lucille Main
Middle Row left to right:   Marjorie Main, Myrtle Lillian Main, Mignonette "Minnie" Main, Florence Main, Marjorie Lusetta Main, Ida Mae (Ewings) Main, Elizabeth (Wock) Main
Children in front row left to right:   DeWayne Maine, George Maine, Arthur "Art" Maine

Emmet was born: 30 November 1884; Died: October 1918; Charles was born: 31 May 1895; Died: 17 May 1971; George Raney was born: 18 August 1893.
Marjorie was born May 1900; Myrtle was born May 1890; Mignonette was born April 1886; Forence was born 3 April 1907;
They are the children of Elizabeth (Wock) & Michael Gulliver "Gull" Main.

Marjorie Lusetta, DeWayne, George & Arthur are the children of Ida Mae (Ewings) & Emmet Theodore Main.

Thelma Lucille Main was born 20 February 1915; Died: 23 June 2005; Dorothy Viola (Flinner) Main (Born 21 April 1898 - wife of George Rainey Main)
Ida Mae (Ewings) Main is the wife of Emmet Theodore Main; Elizabeth (Wock) Main is Daughter of John Wock and Mary Black, & wife of Michael Gulliver "Gull" Main.

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