Standing: Leona Anna Main, Raymond Lloyd Main, Mary Ella Gordon
& Keith Leroy Nye; The baby is Lena Karcher

Date: Circa ~ 1914

Leona was born 23 September 1908, and died 08 June 1984.
Daughter of Sarah Ellen (Bunnell) & Robert James Main.

Raymond was born 31 January 1905, and died 04 September 1995.
Son of Sarah Ellen (Bunnell) & Robert James Main.

Mary Ella was born 17 February 1911, and died 07 March 1995.
Daughter of Eddeth (Main) & Harry L. "Curly" Gordon.

Keith was born 12 April 1910, and died 24 June 1949.
Son of Susan Jane "Susie" (Hinkle) & Charles Leander "Lee" Nye Sr.

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