Date: 1909
Sarah Cathren (Jones) (Billings) Main and her children

Sarah Cathren (standing behind children) was born: 28 September 1872; Died: 29 May 1920.
Left to Right: Richard Edward Main born: 22 October 1908; died: 8 February 1989
Erie Lynn Billings (Sarah's daughter) born 18 September 1891; Died: 4 October 1974.
Eva Maggie Ellen Main (holding doll) was born 10 Dec 1902; Died: 1 September 1977.
Enos Andrew Allen Main (standing behind Eva) born 21 August 1905; Died: 14 March 1927
Jewel Johnson (son of Erie) and behind Jewel is Violet Knapp (a neighbor).

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