The back of the picture reads:
Uncle Fred Main; Grandpa Main Louis; Grandma Main Nora; John H. Main The Baby; Aunt Anna Hyde; Aunt Cecil Main; Uncle Tom.
Louis, Fred, Anna and Tom are the children of Louisa J. and Nye A. Main. The baby, John is the son of Nora (Grafford) and Louis C. Main.

My thoughts on this picture are that the names are correct. However, you will notice there is an extra person that was not named. This is the way I think the names should read:
L to R: Fred A. Main, Nye A. Main (the blacksmith), Nora (Grafford) Main, holding John Herbert Main,
Anna (Main) Hyde, Cecil Main (wife of Tom), Louis C. Main, and Thomas H. Main

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Sandy!

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