Matheny Homestead on Ellwood- Wampum Road, Ellwood City, Wayne Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Taken before Ellwood-Wampum Road was paved between Wampum & Ellwood City.

This home held the 'Older Generation' of the family who are in the cemetery. The cemetery is just off where the plowed field makes that little bend closest to house just off picture. Most graves are unreadable now and in disrepair. When it was thought they were going to put in a small strip mall, some were moved to other cemeteries, but the mall was never built. Now there is a refuse hauling business next to the cemetery.

There was a small gravel pit on the property below the cemetery. It was about 22 acres on one side of the road and more on hillside, as you see in foreground of picture.

The other household is where Joseph G. and Clara J. (Michaels) Matheny lived, plus another little house which housed daughter Violet May Chapman & her children. For a while Joseph & Clara's son, Donald & his wife, Della (O'Donnell) Matheny lived on the other side of them.

The ditch in the back of the picture is the railroad that went through Ellwood City to Rock Point Park, on into West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and further west. The train brought a lot of tourist to the Amusement Park in its Heyday.
This picture & bit of history were shared by Jean Moyer.
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