The Ellwoodian is the yearbook published by the seniors attending Lincoln High School and Ellwood City High School in Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. We have scanned some of the pictures from the 1925 & the 1929 Ellwoodian. Since many of our ancestors lived and died in the Ellwood City area, it is wonderful to have pictures from that era.

The Ellwoodian yearbooks were shared with us by Dana Baker. Without her generosity, this page would not be possible. THANK YOU DANA!!!

This is not a complete scan of either of the yearbooks. We did scan the pages that included pictures of those we know are in our history. Perhaps, in the group pictures, you will recognize someone in the family.

The names are in alphabetical order by first word or given name. The group pictures are quite large. I tried to keep them as large or larger than you would see in the yearbook itself. Be sure to scroll down below the pictures to see the names of those in the groups. If the classes were really large, and there was more than one page of names, you will find links from the picture to the names.

Ellwoodian ~ 1925
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Alfred C. "Fred" Johnston (Senior ~ 1925) Boy's Basketball Team ~ 1925 Boy's Glee Club ~ 1925
Clair Ernest Main (Senior ~ 1925) Debating Club ~ 1925 Drama Club ~ 1925
Excelsior Literary Society ~ 1925 Football Squad ~ 1925 Football Varsity Squad ~ 1925
Freshman Class ~ 1925 Girl's Basketball Team ~ 1925 Girl's Glee Club ~ 1925
Interscholastic Contestants ~ 1925 Irma Hope Dilley (Senior) ~ 1925 Junior Class ~ 1925
Junior Class (Lion & the Mouse) ~ 1925 Mildred Edna Straub (Senior ~ 1925) Philalethian Literary Society ~ 1925
Ralph Coombs Reynolds (Senior ~ 1925) Sophomore Class ~ 1925 Virginia Adriene Johnston (Senior ~ 1925)
Yearbook Staff ~ 1925 Family Albums Index Home
Ellwoodian ~ 1929
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Band ~ 1929 Charles Walter Nye (Senior ~ 1929) Grade Eight A ~ 1929
Frances Helen Nye (Senior ~ 1929) Grade Nine A ~ 1929 Grade Nine B ~ 1929
Grade Ten A ~ 1929 Grade Ten B ~ 1929 Grade Eleven A ~ 1929
Grade Eleven B ~ 1929 Karl William Deemer (Senior ~ 1929) Orchestra ~ 1929
Robert James McKim (Senior ~ 1929) Vernabelle 'Verna' Kiesling (Senior ~ 1929) Family Albums Index


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