Exploring North Sewickley Cemetery in Beaver County Pennsylvania.....

As we were spreading out, each of us taking a section of the cemetery looking at every marker, I passed a very large cedar tree. I had gone several yards past it, when for some reason I turned and looked back. I saw a large stone almost covered by the large cedar. From where I was, it looked as though it might possibly be a grave marker.

I decided to go check it out, so I started making my way back. The closer I got to the bush the more it looked like a rock, so I opted to not go any closer.
The next day, we stopped at the new Presbyterian Church and spoke to the youth leader. We asked if their were records of the cemetery. He was very gracious. He told us that at one time there were records of all who are buried in North Sewickley Cemetery. He went on to say that some years ago, the church was burglarized, and in the process of the burglary, the records were inadvertantly taken and were never found.

He then told us of the present church historian. With her permission, we were given her address and phone number, and a time to meet with her.

Iola opened her home to us, and made us feel very welcome. She shared with us the "By Laws of the North Sewickley Cemetery Company" adopted July 10, 1897. She allowed us to have a copy of the "Additional Plan of Burial Lots North Sewickley Township Beaver County Pennsylvania" dated April 28, 1931, drawn by Alex Main C E Reg. Eng. Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.

While we were getting copies of everything, Iola shared the story of a man who hauled a huge rock up to the cemetery to use as his grave marker. I immediately recalled the large rock I had seen under the cedar tree.

She told that she believed him to be Alex Main. She told that he had chiseled his name in the stone.
Upon hearing this we knew that we had to make another trip to the cemetery. We pulled back the limbs of the cedar tree, and there it was. The name Main carved into this very large boulder.

This is all that was on the rock, but their were other small markers on the north side of the tree one of which bears the name Alex Main.

Alex is Alexander Main born January 24, 1872; died February 25, 1943, son of Rhoda (McLaughlin) and Cyrus Main.

If this tree continues to grow, within a few years the boulder may no longer be visible to those just walking through the cemetery.

We are now wishing that we had taken a picture with someone standing by the stone so you would be able to appreciate its size.

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